Put together a Donation Box like this to help the victims of the Philippines Disaster.



All you need is a printer and an old jar.  Place it at your Church or workplace.

Download the printable kit here:

 Philippines donation kit 02lo

Print a few extra flyers for other potential stations


Finding out more and sending the money:

Find out more about the disaster and send proceeds here:



Split the money any way you want, 50%-50% would do.


Red Cross does not need an introduction.

AMURT is an international volunteer relief team established in 1965, with a help network in 35 countries. It stands apart from most other relief organizations in many ways:

- extremely low overhead. More of your donation, 90%, goes directly to the project in question.

- Long term work. In addition to immediate disaster relief, AMURT stays after the immediate relief work is done and helps with the long effort involved in rebuilding and bringing the community back to self-sufficiency. Such work can last for years but AMURT remains while there is work to do