Medical sterilizer branding

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Problem: Tackling very diverse international markets for a very established company on a domestic level. One star product is a quick sterilization method which currently can be sold only overseas.

Solution:This worldwide campaign for medical equipment required several specialized web sites, trade show materials translated to various languages, specialized SEO and printed materials. We opted for showcasing the quick product (the same way apple shows the iPad when you visit their homepage, as opposed to the product lines). This was accomplished very successfully by devising an illustration of a dissolving cheetah that provided a strong visual backbone to tie all the campaigns together. And again, our SEO strategy has been conservative but steadily successful.

As evidenced by the two attached videos, we have segmented heavily the market. This optimizes the impact for each sub-group, speaking its language. The two videos attached are geared towards the hospital market and the veterinarian market, respectively. Direct mailing also allows to micro-target.

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